Fanny Pack Handmade “White” Bum Bag Packs For Women Pattern Festival Kids Vintage Dog Walking Kids

28 апреля 2020, 21:30Дирфилд-Бич, СШАПроверен
My name is Vlad and sewing is my passion! You still can't believe, that an old fanny pack for the waist, that has been carelessly thrown in a closet, can come back into fashion? Here is some evidence: 1. The Fanny Pack is shown off by bright icons of the Hollywood style 2. It is a favorite accessory for visitors of festivals and night parties 3. It can be found on the podiums and in collections of famous fashion designers or couturiersStay on top of the trend! We have created an exclusive collection of handmade fanny packs for your comfort, convenience and style. Each accessory is made with the spirit of adventure and freedom. Discover yourself in all of the details! Take a look at the world in a new way, break stereotypes, and stand out beautifully. Vlad Spacek, Head Designer

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